Thursday, July 24, 2014

i don’t like alex from OITNB like nothing about her appeals to me i dont understand it

i’ll continue to scream from the rooftops that someone not wanting to sleep with you does not constitute oppression

yeah i defo still have a thing for sophie ellis bextor

why do people feel the need to add “i dont normally reblog stuff but” like there’s no need

im in so much pain if i could temporarily remove this leg i would

to everyone who downloaded the sims 2 on origin- it takes a while to get its shit together but downloading didn’t take more than an hour for me and it works fine!

that feel when u miss a dose of arthritis meds and as a result can’t walk :)))))))

goodgirlgonemurderous said: hi hi hi did you download the free sims 2 game? how did you get to play it? because i keep trying but nothing pops up? sorry if I'm wrong and you didn't do it lol

have you downloaded it from origin? i did that and then it just started working for me from the link on my desktop!

i love the fire department though like if you wave at them round here they all beep and wave at you and i was in town the other day and this girl was on her hen night and decided she wanted a picture with a fire engine so they let her and her friends sit in the engine with them and take pictures lmao

the worst part about the sims is it’s not even that much of an interesting game you just do the same thing over and over but it’s SO ADDICTIVE