Thursday, July 31, 2014

i say “school trips” i forget i’ve left school

i hate speaking english abroad i feel so ignorant like if i can’t speak a language (usually on a school trip, with family i go to spain/france/england so it’s ok) i always try to go with or befriend people i do so at least one of us can haha

i mean, im sure as hell guilty of it in france because whilst i do speak french when i was surrounded completely by native speakers and slang i panicked but luckily the host family were lovely about it and the little boy did a french version of the “slow down, speak loud and simplify it” until i got more confident

british people abroad aka SPEAKING REALLY LOUDLY AND SLOWLY because they believe it will magically make a person who doesn’t speak english understand english and then getting angry when said person doesn’t speak english despite the fact that this is their country that the british are visitors to and they are under no obligation to ever speak english

none of this is a defence of the british

Anonymous said: i am NON british and NON american and i want to say that i find both nationalities can be very condescending (especially when it comes to expecting other people to speak english) but in my personal experience (living in a city that welcomes many tourists) i find that americans more often take everything american as the "standard/norm" and expect people to both know and apply their culture.

oh yeah i definitely agree that british people are vile when it comes to expecting you to speak english

@lifeandtimesofthejollyfop omfg it could actually have been a georgia quote i cant stop laughing

someone once said to me “everyone speaks french it won’t get you far” i was like pal we live in britain how many people do you know that bother learning another language

im gonna keep reading my french magazine to prepare for my new life as a french person

also i really want to go back to NYC