Tuesday, September 2, 2014

could swear im sat next to one of the chuckle brothers

my mum used to live alone in quite a “rough” area when she was a teenager and one day someone broke into her block of flats but when the police turned up they found the man cowering in the corner as my mum’s neighbours giant dogs were basically crowding him in and just biting him

but at the same time it’s terrifying when a dog starts barking at nothing or if your cat is staring at one spot and won’t move

the dog used to bark at the door then come back to check i was ok and like stand in front of me as if he was protecting me haha

this guy once wouldn’t stop knocking on the door to the point where i was a bit worried so my dog stood at the window and barked/growled at him until the guy got scared and left

my dog was lovely but no matter how hard we tried to train him out of it with outside help one day he just decided he wasn’t happy with visitors to the house

i miss having a dog i felt ten times safer alone knowing that my dog would likely tear apart anyone that tried to hurt me or break in before they got the chance

Monday, September 1, 2014

ok so apparently film pre serum steve rogers is meant to be 5”4… i am 5”2 i am literally smaller than pre serum steve rogers

is anyone else commuting to leeds uni? im like the only person i know that is so far and i’d like to have at least some pals that are travelling in like me