Thursday, September 18, 2014

had a lovely day with my nana, bought a nice dress and saw some buddhist monks drinking starbucks… a good day

feels weird just learning mandarin when there are so many other languages spoken in china

i dont even go to china until next year but still

@xurria yeah i was thinking something like that instead, if i lost it i’d be devvoed haha you can buy other ones but it’s not the same as a childhood stuffed toy lmao

when is the entire region of yorkshire and the humber going to break away and gain independence i want off this train wreck before anyone can vote the tories in again

yes she’s a cuddly toy girl donkey called donkey (daisy donkey is her full name obvs) i was a creative child

it sounds sad but when i go to china i kind of want to take my cuddly toy donkey (complete with the bandages they put on when i was in hospital as a kid) to have something comforting from home when im so far away for so long but if she got lost i’d be so devastated it’s untrue do you think it’d be worth trying to take her in my hand luggage so i know she’s with me at all times during the journey (i worry about lost luggage lmfao)



Happy Bi Pride/Bi Visibility Day! If you’re looking for something to do to celebrate, bisexual-community has a whole bunch of resources here. Fellow bisexuals, know that we are important, our feelings are valid, and we are not alone. (And for the last time, it’s not a phase.) Have a great day!

Bi PrideDay/Bi Visibility Day officially happens every September 23rd (since 1999!) but as it gets more and more popular you will find Events For and About the Bisexual/(Non-Monosexual) + Queer-identified Community take place throughout the entire month of September

Look here to find events worldwide for Bi Visibility Day 2014:





Hello!! I’m in need of a HUGE signal boost right now (and maybe a big reporting session) because my best friend is being blackmailed by her ex boyfriend. 

I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to put here, but I feel like this should be a warning for anyone who knows him and just a general informative thing. Jacob lives in Australia and is 16 years of age. They’ve had a very unhealthy relationship and he’s threatened sending out her nudes multiple times. Jacob is very manipulative and emotionally abusive towards her and even ends up pulling me and her other friends into not being able to do anything because it’ll end up hurting her. He’s made around 7 Twitter accounts to contact my friend in the times that she was trying to get out of the relationship.

In the picture above, he’s posted her nudes and threatened her.


His Twitter accounts all start with @/neinthousand but the one that was most recently used was: @/neinthousand12 (but it was apparently deleted)

His Facebook account is:Jacob R Hynes, and he has more but I am unable to find them. They’re under Jacob Hynes and the like.

********** UPDATES!!! **********

First, we thought we had a compromise. 

Then this happened not even a minute after:

PLEASE CONTINUE REBLOGGING THIS. My friend is only 15 years of age and this is absolutely horrible. We’re getting ahold of local authorities but if you see the pictures anywhere (namely twitter) REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Put this guy on blast. Spread this like wildfire.

Never mind. Confirmed as real.